Due to the complexity role the body control unit plays in the function of your vehicle, it makes it very prone to failures even a simple jump start is able to corrupt the internal data causing some function not to work,

This can be very frustrating when these BCMs fail since it makes your vehicle completely dead or not road worthy which would be dangerous.

In most cases we are able to Test and Repair these modules, in some cases we may also provide you with a replacement programmed with your data from the original BCM module you sent in.

We are also able to recovery the data that got corrupted due to what every reason and bring the functionality of the module back by re-flashing its software back to original this is very popular in the BMW FEM system where their fail due to the Key making process.

Even in some instances where the data is completely lost due to some locksmiths incorrectly making a key or software update, we should be able to assist you further,  we have the skill and equipment to rebuild the data and bring the unit back  life, or provide you with a replacement programmed to match other units and ECU to your vehicle.

Using our dedicated equipment we are able to extract all vehicle and immobiliser data from these body control units and transfer the data to replacements if the original one is severely damaged or faulty.

Give us a call and send your unit for inspection, we will endeavour to get your vehicle back to life.