Sometimes ECU's are not repairable in many situations where the board is excessively damaged due being burnt, water damaged or even have software issues due to a bad remap,  in any case we are able to program a replacement ecu and match it to your vehicle, this can be done a few ways.

ECU Cloning 

If the ecu has diagnostic communication is most cases we are able to provide recover the immobiliser data for your vehicle and transfer it to a replacement board. this method is first best approach.

ECU Programming

In situations where the original one is completely dead or is missing we are able to program a replacement ecu and by matching and manipulating the data on the replacement to match your original vehicles data and synchronise it to your vehicles immobiliser system.

Virgin ECU Replacements

We are also able to provide many replacement ECU's in virgin states that are ready to be programmed to your vehicle, in these ECU's the previous vehicles data is removed and reprogrammed to a blank / virgin state allowing you to program the ECU directly with your vehicle using diagnostic tools.

Immobiliser Free (Plug and Play) / IMMO OFF

In some cases we can provide fully plug and play ECU's that have no immobiliser in their software saving you many problems if your vehicles has various immobiliser problems,

Give us a call if you require any ECU to be programmed to your vehicle, we have the equipment and experience to provide a solution if you are having any ECU problems.