We have established many test and repair procedures to be able to fully test and repair these, using custom designed testing set-up to to test all operating signals and advance repair processes that are able to bring back all dead ignition switches.

Getting us to repair your ignition switches allows you to save money on the cost of replacements and addition programming.

If you have any of the symptoms listed below.

  • Key not turning in the ignition (very common)
  • Unable to start the car
  • Steering lock doesn't unlock when the key is inserted
  • Key turns in the ignition but the engine would not turn over
  • Intermittent faults, such as it would work when it's warm or when its cold.

Give us a call and send the ignition switch to us and we will do the rest, we will always test the item to be sure that it is faulty before any repairs are carried out.

Please avoid any attempts on opening or repairs yourself since its not obvious where the problems lies since these fail due to software internally not correctly booting up.