Mercedes ISM Module Repair Service – Intelligent Servo Module


MotorTronics provides a prompt test and repair service for your electronic modules, The modules goes through various repair processes to ensure previously faulty parameters are fully repaired, only after this, we pass it and it’s ready for dispatch.

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6. In some cases you will require diagnostics to adapt / clear codes.

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Mercedes Intelligent Servo Module Repair Service

Is your Mercedes Benz displaying an error message “Drive to the workshop without changing gear” Then you have a faulty ISM.

Other symptoms include car not shifting gears between P, R, N, or D.

ISM in full Intelligent Servo Module’s main purpose is that it enables the system to read the selected drive position via electrical signals and to engage the drive position via a mechanical interface on the transmission. The Mercedes ISM system is located on the driver’s side on the transmission housing.

  • The vehicle hardly start.
  • The vehicle’s gear won’t shift.
  • Revs at high rpm.
  • The cluster light goes off.
  • The vehicle won’t crank due to loss of communication from the Transmission Control Module.
  • Error data from actuator motor in the component A80 of the Intelligent Servo Module(ISM)
  • Car shakes badly in idle.


Common fault codes are:

  • 1904 The internal mechanism in component A80 for engaging select or lever position P is not in the correct position.
  • 1974 selector lever position P was engaged due to a fault occuring in component a80 (intelligent servo module for DIRECT SELECT) or in the vehicle communications
  • 1922 System Shut down due to an internal Fault
  • 1994 Component A80 ( Intelligent Servo Module for Direct Select) is defective

Information that we need

  • Part Number of your unit
  • Short description of the problem
  • Diagnostic report or diagnostic error/trouble codes with transcriptions of the errors
  • According to your diagnostic error/trouble codes we will decide where and what the problem is.

If you are experiencing any of the above-listed issues with your car,

Contact us and see how we can help