BMW M3 ECU Water Damage Repair Service DME MSS60


MotorTronics provides a prompt test and repair service for your electronic modules, The modules goes through various repair processes to ensure previously faulty parameters are fully repaired, only after this, we pass it and it’s ready for dispatch.

All that is left for you to do is

1. Click Buy it Now / Add to Cart
2. Fill in the Order Form / Packaging Slip provided after the payment page.
3. Send your Module with the Order Form
4. Await repair while we have your part(s)
5. Once received simply Plug it in and turn the key.
6. In some cases you will require diagnostics to adapt / clear codes.


BMW M3 ECU Water Damage Repair Service DME MSS60

  • Water Damaged control circuits, these are placed at the bottom of the ecu which when the drains are blocked, causes these area to get damaged.
  • Continuous open circuit faults on injectors or coils.
  • No communications through the diagnostic connector.