Vauxhall Corsa D 1.3 ECU REPLACEMENT Service Water Damage – PLUG N PLAY – CDTI Z13DTJ Z13DTH


MotorTronics provides a prompt test and re-manufacturing service for your Vauxhall Corsa D ECU,
The ECU goes through various signal test and repair processes to ensure all parameters respond correctly, only after this, we pass the ECU for its next stage.
Engine start condition test, as scary as it sounds this is where the ECU is tested under engine run conditions, this test evaluates;
– The engine is able to start.
– Its able to run with all correct signals.
– No fault are present while the engine is running.
Only after these tests and conditions the ecu passes, This is our promise that your ecu should run as it left the factory.

All that is left for you to do is;
1. Click buy it now.
2. Fill in the order form provided after the payment page.
3. Send your ecu with the packaging Slip.
4. Await repair while we have your ECU.
Repairs typically take minimum 14 working days but during busy periods repair times could exceed this.
5. Once received simply Plug in and turn the key.


The failure of the ECU is caused by water ingress due to the poor location of the ECU within the water drain channel under the windscreen.
Because of this we see a wide range of symptoms caused by ECU failure, the most common symptoms are:
– Misfire on one cylinder
– Will not rev past 1500 rpm
– Non start intermittently
– Complete non start
– No communication via diagnostic.

Common Stored Fault Codes:
P0201 – injector 1 voltage low
P0202 – injector 2 voltage low
P0203 – injector 3 voltage low
P0204 – injector 4 voltage low
P2146 – Capacitor Voltage 1 Low Voltage
P1600 – replace ECU
P1625 – main relay
P060B – Replace ECU
P0608 internal control module defective
P1120 – pedal position sensors circuit 1
P1122 – Pedal position sensor circuit 2
P0683 – Glow plug circuit low voltage

These are a list of common fault codes, but usually a failed ECU will cause various fault codes to be stored.

Common Part numbers affected:
– 55568383 KZ
– 55568382 KY
– 55198930 CN
– 55198931 CJ
– 55566039 HK
– 55573953 QU