Jaguar XF CJB BCM Repair Service UNABLE TO FIND SMART KEY / Windscreen Washers Not Working – Body Control Module – Central Junction Box – FSJB


MotorTronics provides a prompt test and repair service for your electronic modules, The modules goes through various repair processes to ensure previously faulty parameters are fully repaired, only after this, we pass it and it’s ready for dispatch.

All that is left for you to do is

1. Click Buy it Now / Add to Cart
2. Fill in the Repair Form provided after the payment page and also Emailed.
3. Send your Module with the Repair Form
4. Await repair while we have your part(s)
5. Once received simply Plug it in and turn the key.
6. In some cases you will require diagnostics to adapt / clear codes.


Jaguar XF CJB BCM Repair Service UNABLE TO FIND SMART KEY / Windscreen Washers Not Working – Body Control Module – Central Junction Box – FSJB

This service is to repair the Front BCM / Front CJB that has been corrupted due to battery disconnection and the vehicle no longer recognises the smart key or Windscreen Washers Not Working.

Unplugging the battery causes the internal memory to get corrupted which causes random faults through diagnostics and most commonly doesn’t detect the smart key

Faults you will have with your vehicle after unplugging the battery are

  • U3000-49 DTC
  • U1000-00 DTC
  • “Smart Key Not Found”
  • Wipers not working
  • Washer Jets not working
  • Windscreen washers not working
  • Screen washers not working
  • VIN in module appears corrupted
  • VIN in module shows ??????????????????
  • Vin shows as random characters

Some of the Common part number we have had but not limited to

  • CX23-14B476-AH
  • CX23-14B476-AF
  • DX23-14B476-AG
  • DX23-14B476-AH
  • DX23-14B476-AE
  • DX23-14B476-BD
  • DX23-14B476-BE
  • DX23-14B476-BF
  • DX23-14B476-BH
  • DX23-14B476-BJ
  • DX23-14B476-BG

A New module is about £1700 then needs programming which then costs significant more then getting your BCM repaired,

We are able to inspect and test the board if the data is corrupted.

In some cases after repair

  • The Module will have to be reprogrammed, due to the Data not being original or beyond recoverable.
  • The Module will need to be programmed with JLR SDD Software or Autologic Diagnostic / Opus Equipment.
  • If programming fails we are able to Reset the Module to NEW which will require the module to be sent back for New software to be loaded.
  • We Offer Mobile Call Out programming services if you are relatively local to us for an addition fee.

Programming Procedure

  • If using JLR SDD you will need to run;
    1. “Configure New Modules – Central Junction Box (Body Control Module)” under the Service Tab.
  • If using Autologic Diagnostic / Opus Equipment. you will need to;
    1. “Copy From RSJB to FSJB” under the “Vehicle Configuration” Tab
    2. Program the “Keyless Vehicle Module” (KVM) as an existing module in the “Module Programming and Replacement” tab
    3. All after-programming routines, including copying the auto configuration from the RSJB, learning chassis number, learning the target identifier (security) and verifying the Keys.
    4. It is possible that the immobilizer reset function should be performed and finally re-provision the modules.

If you require any assistance, give us call and we should be able to guide you through the process.

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