Mercedes SLK R171 – E Class W211 – Ignition Switch EIS EZS Replacement Service


MotorTronics provides a prompt test and re-manufacturing service for your Electronic Ignition Switch,  The EIS will be completely tested and re-manufactured.

Having your EIS re-manufactured rather than purchasing an expensive new unit means there is no need for further dealer security programming or coding to be done once the unit is returned to you.

You simply reinstall all parts and the vehicle will start and run, All you need to do is send us your:

  1. EIS- Electronic ignition switch
  2. Key


This service is suitable if you have any of the symptoms listed below.

  • Unable to turn the key
  • Unable to start the car
  • Unable to unlock steering lock
  • Turning the key – but car wouldn’t start(engine not turning over)
  • Intermittent ignition Key faults

In a Event we cant find what the issue is, we can offer a Replacement Ignition Switch programmed to the Original Data, in case the board has un-detectable issues.