Vauxhall ECU Replacement Programming E87 – Astra J / Mokka – A17DTC 1.7 CDTi PLUG & PLAY


MotorTronics provides a complete programming solution for your electronic modules, The module (s) goes through various data programming processes to ensure all data is matched and modified to be plug and play, only after this, we pass it and it’s ready for dispatch.

All that is left for you to do is:

1. Click Buy it Now / Add to Cart
2. Fill in the Order Form / Packaging Slip provided after the payment page.
3. Send your original ECU if its available, BCM with the Order Form / Packaging Slip
4. Await programming while we have your part(s)
5. Once received simply Plug it in and turn the key.
6. In some cases you will require diagnostics to adapt / clear codes.


Vauxhall Astra J / Mokka ECU Replacement Programming E87 A17DTC 1.7 CDTi PLUG & PLAY

These ECU’s are commonly know as ACDelco E87 or Delphi E87 and are fitted in most GM / Vauxhall / Opel vehicles with 1.7 CDTi A17DTC engines.

They are known to completely fail and causing the vehicle not to start due to the ECU loosing Communication.

At MotorTronics we are able to provide you with a replacement ECU that is fully programmed to your vehicle, regardless if your original ECU is missing or completely dead.

Since the original ECU has no communication, therefore it is not cloneable and we are currently the only company(other then Vauxhall dealership) in the UK to be able to provide you with a Replacement ECU Programmed.

Vauxhall are able to provide you with a replacement for £3400 with programming, but with a lead time of around 8 week since these are specially ordered.


Using Our Services is the easiest way to replace old faulty ECU, When we provide you with a replacement we keep all the original details like

  • VIN number
  • Immobiliser code
  • All special coding, set up
  • After ECU Programming  your replacement ECU is Plug and Play and doesn’t require expensive diagnostic equipment or to be taken the vehicle to the dealer for any additional special programming.

Using this Service will save you significantly more money than going to the dealer, allowing you to be able to get your vehicle back on the road at a fraction of the cost of buying a new unit.