Mercedes Steering Column Lock Removal Service ESL ELV W212 W204 W207


MotorTronics provides a prompt removal service for your electronic steering lock from your steering column.
The ESL will be completely removed from the steering column allowing it to be either replaced of bypassed with our emulator replacement service.
All you need to do is send us your;
1: Steering Column with the Steering Lock


This Service is for, when your steering lock (ESL) has failed completely and does not come out of the column, due to it being failed in the locked position.

We will attempt removing it with no damage so we can rebuild it, sometimes a small hole will be drilled in the casing, to allow us to extract the ESL for Rebuilding, this will then be covered with either glue or a sticker.

In some cases its not possible to extract the ESL without damage, if its beyond repairable we will then cut it the lock to allow us to remove it from the column, and your original lock will be scrapped, you will then need to purchase our bypass service or we can provide you with a replacement steering lock and and additional fee.


Please note this service is additional service fee if you have purchased one of our repair or replacement services from our website:

1: Mercedes Electronic Steering Lock ESL ELV Repair Service

2: Mercedes Electronic Steering Lock ESL Emulator Bypass Service