Ford 6 Speed Automatic Gearbox ECU / TCU Programming / Replacement Service DPS6 DCT250


MotorTronics provides a prompt replacement service for your electronic modules, The modules goes through various programming processes to ensure parameters are fully programmed, only after this, we pass it and it’s ready for dispatch.

All that is left for you to do is;

1. Click Buy it Now / Add to Cart
2. Fill in the Order Form / Packaging Slip provided after the payment page.
3. Send your Original Module with the Order Form
4. Await Programming while we load the originals data to your new replacement.
5. Once received simply Plug it in and turn the key.
6. In some cases you will require diagnostics to adapt / clear codes.


This replacement service is for Ford DPS6 DCT250 Automatic Transmission ECU / TCU

The common fault with these TCU’s are the internal sensors and drivers fail causing no reading / incorrect gear changes / clutch operations  to be provided to the vehicle, which then causes the gearbox not to change gears and get stuck on limp mode or limited number of gears.

The typical error code that show up in the diagnostic are:

  • P0606 – Processor control module.
  • P2837 – Shift Fork “B” Position Circuit Range/Performance.
  • P06B8 – Internal Control Module Error
  • U0101 – Lost Communication with TCM.

These Gearboxes are fitted on many fords such as: Focus, Fiesta, B Max, and many others that gear the same DPS6 gearbox.